The Experience


A lost painting emerges
A mythical treasure awakens

One man chases another man’s ghost 

Uncover the stories of the souls within these halls
Will you be the one to find the lost lily? 



The creative team behind the smash hit The Bride Always Knocks Twice — Killer Secrets is back! Co-presented with the National Gallery Singapore, Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily is a thrilling treasure hunt combining theatre, film and gaming. 

Watch the action unfold on screen before diving into the story as you interview characters, gather clues and break codes. Available as a physical-digital hybrid or fully digital experience, join the hunt wherever you are in the world!

This historical monument has seen more than you can imagine. What secrets will you uncover?

FINDERS KEEPERS: Complete the hunt as fast as you can, to stand a chance to win a grand prize of S$1,800 cash!

About The Experience

Gallery of Secrets: The Lost Lily is a multi-platform treasure hunt. It is theatre, film, gaming — all in one!

Begin with Chapter 1: The Painting. Log into your account to watch the performance at your selected time slot. 

After that, Chapter 2: The Hunt begins. Solve puzzles, explore artworks and interview characters to find the treasure. 

The journey ends in Chapter 3: The Treasure. Return to watch the final performance at your selected time slot.


The experience can take up to two weeks, depending on ticket date and speed of play. 

Chapter 1: The Painting (30mins)and Chapter 3: The Treasure (20 mins) are livestream performances, with no playback. 

Chapter 2: The Hunt can be experienced at your own pace and comprises seven levels. Level 6 is a timed event, with registration opening after you complete Level 5.